Should Government Be in My Bedroom ? My Vote Says “NO”

Shirley James
Shirley James

This message is from me to you – my sisters and the women of America, in Georgia and Chatham County. I just want to share with you my personal opinions and what I think will happen if we are not careful about how we cast our votes in the upcoming General Election on November 6th. I feel that my inalienable rights and my decision-making powers about my body and those of my daughters, granddaughters, nieces, female cousins, friends, neighbors and colleagues as well as their female descendants, are about to be lost. I feel that there will be un-welcomed and unlawful intrusion into my personal privacy – into my body, into my bedroom and hovering over the examination table in my physician’s office. I don’t take this lightly, and I resent the fact that there are MEN, yes, MEN – the male members of the human species who have no concept, no personal experience and no physical make-up similar to the female body – who are positioning themselves to enact a law in this country that will dictate to me and my husband and my offsprings ( a son, daughters and daughter-in-law, grandchildren) when and how we are to handle decisions regarding our reproductive health. This law will take away my individual right to confer in privacy, and without fear of a criminal act, with my husband, my physician and my spiritual leader, and to make a decision regarding the best course of action for me to take regarding the reproductive health of my body. I cringe when I think that my daughters and granddaughters and other women (old, young and to-be-born) may be faced with this plight in our country of freedom and democracy.

I don’t suppose that any of these MEN, from a Presidential candidate to Governors, Senators and Representatives in the U. S. Congress, or various state legislators, have mothers, wives, daughters, granddaughters, nieces and other female relatives and friends. It seems as if they don’t have a problem with government, employers, and other MEN intruding in the bedrooms, the physician’s examining rooms, or the parlors of spiritual leaders with their wives, daughters and other female loved ones. There seems to be no problem that a law may be dictating decisions that they themselves , as husbands and fathers should be making in privacy along with their wives and daughters in consultation with a professionally, trained healthcare-giver. Either their female loved ones will be exempt from the law, or these MEN have chosen to willingly give up their roles as family leaders and decision-making partners in favor of the government taking over in the private lives of their respective families (Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought I heard a cry and have seen protests from certain organized groups most recently in this country, demanding that there be less government rule and interference in lives of the people and the business of the states. Evidently, the less government rule does not apply to the privacy of the home, nor to the female’s body and her reproductive health).

Ladies, we are not chattel; we are not objects; we are not the mammals who are unable to think and discern and make intelligent decisions for ourselves about our bodies and our lives. We don’t live in some other countries in the world where women’s rights are suppressed. As Americans, we advocate for the freedom of women in these countries, but ironically, we are about to become the oppressed. MEN, please know this. I am a Woman; and I am a living human being. Whether Pro-Choice or Pro-Life, I deserve equal protection under the law assuring me and my fellow female family members, friends and citizens the ability to exercise our inalienable rights to “…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I do not need nor want a MAN-made federal or state law, nor a Constitutional law that restricts my personal decisionmaking power about my own body ( I have yet to witness or hear talk of any federal law designed to restrict a man’s choices when it comes to his health, fertility and well-being). Let me re- emphasize the fact that we, as women, need Equal Protection under the law, for both our Pro- Choice and Pro-Life advocates. We need Equal Protection under the law to ensure our privacy, and to protect our right to make decisions about our reproductive health.

As far as our economy and its effect upon you and me personally – I know that these economic times may not be favorable to us at the moment, but there is recovery. I firmly believe that the economy can be fixed at a much faster rate that it will take to repeal a law that will intrude and take away the personal decision-making rights that you and I, and our daughters and granddaughters, and generations of our daughters to come, should be able to exercise in these United States of America.

I hope that my Vote on November 6th will determine whether or not my daughters, granddaughters, nieces and female relatives, friends and neighbors will become government chattel, and whether or not we will retain our civil right to privacy without invasion from the government into our persons, our bodies, and our health. I want to retain this right, so I will vote for President Barack Obama and other legislative candidates who understand what is at stake for me and will grant me equal protection under the law to make my own health decisions with whomever I need to need to consult. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

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