Shiloh’s Deacon And Deaconess 36th Anniversary

Our Pastors; Pastor N.N. Boles, and Pastor W.M. McGowan are elated to announce the 36th Anniversary of Shiloh’s Deacon and Deaconess Ministry. We are ecstatic about the celebration of these servants of God. The Deacon/ Deaconess Ministry is comprised of faithful servants of God; servants who are full of Faith & Wisdom and whose lives are full of God’s work. Our Deacon and Deaconess are a cherished and vital part of our Church family. Commemoration is our meager way of showing that they are deserving of this recognition and our deepest appreciation for their years of tireless service. Our theme: “A Servants Heart” The Scripture: 1 Peter 1:22 Program Date: Sunday, November 23rd at 4PM

We are located at 125 Canebrake Rd., just of Hwy 17N, just past the Bamboo Farms. You may call Sis. K. Lockhart at 912.927.3169

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