Shahada Karim Talks Intuitive Nutrition in Uncertain Times

Shahada Karim
Shahada Karim

Shahada Karim, an influential wellness and fitness expert behind organic bath & body brand Habibi, is sharing her philosophy on intuitive nutrition as the world continues to stress eat during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our diet-obsessed society means no shortage of special meal plans, methods, supplements and the like – all promising to reward us with everything from mental clarity to the perfect body,” says Karim, who created in order to mindfully support an overall health and wellness philosophy.

“2020’s COVID-19 outbreak has thrown a serious wrench into our daily lifestyle patterns, and eating with positive intention has temporarily taken a backseat to comfort food… I’ve heard people say that they could never embrace intuitive eating – especially right now – because all they really want is potato chips and cake.”

Karim notes that during a worldwide health crisis, many people are ironically – and understandably – embracing unhealthy habits. “In reality, applying intuition in nutrition has nothing to do with craving. A craving is emotional, and understanding what your body actually needs (not what you emotionally want) takes commitment, practice, and at least an initial period of discomfort.”

By separating innate cravings from practical needs, a person can learn what it actually means to eat intuitively. “While intuitive eating is not a specific diet, it does require a shift from the common practice of unconscious consumption,” added Karim, who believes that poor diet is linked to not only poor physical health but mental health as well.

“Taking care of our health is ever evolving, and takes energy and real-time support to sustain long-term. Unlike a diet, intuitive consumption never ends. The quicker we embrace that reality, the more likely we are to stick with it.”

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