Sexual Violence Risk Reduction Strategies

Rape Crisis Center of the Coastal Empire

In light of the recent increase in rapes by unknown perpetrators, the Rape Crisis Center of the Coastal Empire would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness throughout the community. According to RAINN, 8 out of 10 rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. For this reason, we should always remain vigilant. Anyone can be sexually assaulted, and there are no sure means to prevent sexual assault because the only people who can prevent sexual assault are those who perpetrate this heinous act of violence. However, you can take steps to lessen the likelihood that you or your friends will be assaulted or will assault someone.

Know where you are going and speak up if you are uncomfortable with plans.

If you drink, drink responsibly: know your limits and do not go beyond them. Do not let anyone else make the decision of how much you will drink. Use the buddy system and “look out” for one other. Everyone should agree to leave with the group, not alone. If you decide to leave the premises with a new friend, tell the group that you arrived with where you are going, the name of the person you are leaving with, and establish a check-in system. If you are worried about a friend’s safety, tell them.

Be aware of your surroundings, to include the location of exits.

Only drink beverages that you witness being poured or that come in a pre-sealed container. Do not drink any beverage that has been left unattended. Do not leave your drink with others.

If you feel uncomfortable or think you might be at risk, alert someone, leave the situation immediately, and go to a safe place. Be aware that having sexual intercourse with someone who is mentally or physically incapable of giving consent is rape. This includes individuals who are incapacitated due to alcohol or drugs, passed out, or are otherwise incapable of saying no.

Do not be afraid to get involved or call for help if you believe that someone is at risk.

These tips and warnings of high risk behaviors does not remove the cause of rape from the perpetrator. RAPISTS ARE THE CAUSE OF RAPE.

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