Seniors Invited to call for Information on Power Wheelchairs

Medicare’s regulations now make it easier for seniors and others with debilitating problems, or diabetes, to obtain a power wheelchair at little or no cost. Miracle on Wheels is trying to increase public awareness about the assistance options that allow seniors and the disabled to remain independent in their own homes rather than undergo difficult surgery or other expensive treatment, or resort to moving into a nursing home. These assistance options are available to anyone with problems getting around their home, or who are in danger of falling due to their medical condition. But brand choices may become more limited in the near future, since Medicare may cut the amount they will allow for power chairs by 9.5 (or approximately 10%) percent next year.

So those who are suffering from any condition that severely limits their mobility should call Miracle on Wheels at 1-866-200-6924 toll free to learn about qualifying now for a power wheelchair at little or no cost.

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