Senator Lester Jackson Introduces Resolution to Rename Coastal Creek

Senate resolution 685, sponsored by Sen. Lester Jackson (D- Savannah), advanced through the Senate Urban Affairs Committee on last Wednesday. Senate Resolution 685 would rename Runaway Negro Creek in Chatham County to Freedom Creek.. The creek on Skidaway Island in Chatham County has had the controversial name for at least 100 years. In the 19th century, slaves were believed to have crossed the creek while trying to secure freedom in the North.

“I am so pleased that this resolution has advanced another step through the committee process,” said Sen. Jackson. “We need to replace this antiquated symbol which one that is more representative of the events of the 1800’s. We will be redefining history by a shining a light on the events that transpired at Freedom Creek and honor the movement of freedom.”

The move to rename this creek on the Georgia coast comes after a public interest meeting during the summer of 2017. Residents in Senate District 2 shared concerns that its current name is culturally insensitive and suggested changing the name to Freedom Creek to more accurately depict the history of the area. SR 685 has now been sent to the Senate Rules Committee for consideration.

The resolution says the current name is insensitive and makes it sound like black men and women were acting criminally by seeking freedom.

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