Senate Hopeful Prepares Statewide Coronavirus Relief Tour

Tamara Johnson-Shealey
Tamara Johnson-Shealey

Democratic Senate Candidate, Tamara Johnson Shealey is preparing for a summer road trip across the state of Georgia to meet with voters and visit county coronavirus hotspots to assess community needs. She also plans to provide personal protective equipment to beauty and barber professionals who face a new normal in the midst of the pandemic.

As one of the first industries to reopen in the state, beauty and barber shop workers are the latest addition to the list of frontline workers in Georgia. Johnson-Shealey thinks these workers need protection from the virus similar to that of healthcare workers. “It’s impossible to stay six feet away from your nail or hair client, the risk is very high for these workers to get the virus and spread it to other clients, co-workers and even family members,” she said.

The Senate candidate plans to make weekly road trips around the state to meet with local Georgians and distribute personal protective equipment to industry workers as well as educate them on how to keep themselves safe during the pandemic. She wants to hear their concerns regarding the economy and healthcare, as well.

“The workers in the beauty and barber industry are underinsured if insured at all. They don’t usually qualify for unemployment, so this virus is really hitting them hard. I need to know what their needs are and what I can do in my position as a candidate to help make that happen.”

Johnson-Shealey is a veteran advocate for the beauty and barber industry. She began her career as a nail technician, eventually owning her own nail salon. She runs an industry organization that advocates for improved health and safety standards and also heads a group that educates industry workers on how to engage in politics. She is currently campaigning for Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler’s seat.

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