Sen. Lester Jackson Appointed Chairman Of Senate Urban Affairs Committee


Dr. Lester Jackson, Georgia State Senator (D- Savannah) has been appointed by the Senate Committee on Assignments to serve as chairman of the Senate Urban Affairs Committee for the 2019- 2020 Legislative Session. Jackson is one of four Democrats appointed to chair a Senate Committee. Dr Jackson will serve on the following committees:

Education & Youth, Finance, Health and Human Services.

“I’m excited to serve on these very influential committees and I am excited to serve my constituents and serve as their voice, I am ready to continue the hard work for them and for all of Georgia.” said Sen. Jackson. “These committees will hear hundred of testimonies in committees and will have an impact on legislation which will benefit all of Georgia. I am excited to get work and help move the state of Georgia forward.”

Sen. Jackson will also serve as an ex-offcio member of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus as Chairman Emeritus. This the 155th session of the Georgia General Assembly, which convened on January 14, 2019 at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta.

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