SEDA Announces Gulfstream And Georgia Tech Alliance

Trip Tollison, SEDA President and CEO
Trip Tollison, SEDA President and CEO

The Savannah Economic Development Authority is pleased to announce, with its partners at Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and the Georgia Tech Savannah Campus, a strategic alliance that furthers each entity’s research, education and facilities objectives as well as the overall intent for the park to be a center for technical research and development, professional education and training.

Today, the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents approved an agreement between the Georgia Tech Savannah Campus and Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. that includes master research and educational components as well as the physical location of Gulfstream’s human resources department and its professional training arm, Gulfstream University, at the Georgia Tech Savannah Campus. Plans call for Gulfstream to fully occupy the 55,266-square-foot building in the first quarter of 2014.

“We’re proud to be part of this alliance and thankful to the Savannah Economic Development Authority, Georgia Tech and the Chancellor and Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia for this opportunity. This partnership reflects our growing collaboration with Georgia Tech and establishes the campus as a central location for research, education and training. From an economic development perspective, it’s a win-win for the community,” said Jay Neely, vice president, Law and Public Affairs, Gulfstream.

“Both Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation and Georgia Tech share a commitment to creating and sustaining careers that equip the workforce in this global community,” said Nelson Baker, Georgia Tech’s dean of Professional Education. “This strategic alliance has the potential to have a real and lasting impact on the Savannah, regional and worldwide communities now and in the future.”

SEDA President and CEO Trip Tollison said, “One of SEDA’s top priorities is to assist businesses like Gulfstream and local resources like our higher education institutions and help them to be as successful as possible, so we are always thinking of opportunities or efficiencies that could be valuable to them. Understanding Gulfstream’s needs and the resources at the Georgia Tech Savannah Campus, SEDA was able to put them together for a deal that ultimately benefits everyone and not just the two primary parties.”

Last month, Great Dane, a manufacturer of dry van, refrigerated and platform trailers, announced plans to relocate and expand its Savannah Corporate Office and Innovation Campus on the Technology Circle. The new high-tech campus will include a three-story corporate office along with two additional LEED certified research and development buildings. Construction of the Great Dane facility is expected to begin in early 2014, with a targeted completion date of January, 2015.

Tollison added, “Bringing these powerful organizations together will be good for them and with this highly visible location, it will be good for furthering Savannah and Chatham County’s position as a location for advanced technical education and operations. These commitments also significantly advance our vision of Technology Circle and its prominence as a corporate campus for innovative firms.”-

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