Secretary of State Brian Kemp Works With Board of Elections

The Chatham County Board of Elections and Secretary of State Brian Kemp are working together in efforts to increase monitoring and ensure compliance during the upcoming December 1st runoff elections for the City of Savannah. The Board of Elections is taking additional steps and is committed to continuing to make certain that elections are honestly, efficiently and uniformly conducted in compliance with state and federal law.

While carefully observing campaigners’ fundamental free speech rights, the Board of Elections will insist upon compliance with the 150-foot restriction. If anyone refuses to comply, the Board of Elections will call law enforcement. Campaigning within 150 feet of a polling place is a misdemeanor punishable under Georgia law.

The Board of Elections has highlighted this concern to our poll managers. We are asking the candidates to make sure to highlight this concern to their campaign workers as well. Additional efforts are being made to assist poll managers in identifying and enforcing these boundaries and information will be readily available to the campaigns and others advising of the boundaries that will be enforced.

We ask everyone to respect the First Amendment Right of others to campaign. We urge anyone observing a violation of elections laws to report it to the Board of Elections and certainly never to confront violators themselves. If a violation occurs at a polling place, we request the individual to report it to the poll manager. Of course, anyone observing an alleged violation may also call law enforcement.

The Board of Elections is also working together with law enforcement to ensure public safety and compliance with all laws at polling places on Election Day.

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