Scott Announces Candidacy for Chairman of Chatham County Commissioners

Al Scott announcing candidacy
Al Scott announcing candidacy

Friends and colleagues of Al Scott held fundraiser on his behalf Monday, April 16th at the Mulberry Inn. Mr. Scott announced his candidacy for the Chairmanship of the Chatham County Commission and the formation of his steering committee.

Scott’s political experience include serving as member of the Georgia House of Representatives. Al Scott was also responsible for funding, through the Department of Natural Resources, the relocation of the King-Tisdell Cottage, saving it from being demolished. Scott served as a member of the Georgia Senate. When Al Scott was Senate, he became the first elected to the Georgia African-American elected to the Senate from Chatham County.

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Senator Scott also served as Chairman of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus.

Governor Zell Miller appointed Al Scott to the office of Labor Commissioner, making him the first African-American to ever hold a non-judicial Constitutional Office in Georgia. There were no tax or premium increases to employers during his service as Labor Commissioner.

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