SCLC Searches for New President, Vivian Named Interim President

Rev. Dr. C. T. Vivian
Rev. Dr. C. T. Vivian

At a press conference held at SCLC National Headquarters, Chairman of the Board Rev. Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr. made the announcement, “President Farris is no longer our President.”

By the SCLC Constitution, the Vice President of the organization, Rev. Dr. C. T. Vivian, automatically becomes Interim President. Chairman LaFayette, Jr. indicated that a search committee process could start as early as next week, in beginning the search for SCLC’s next President.

The Chairman indicated that Isaac Newton Farris, Jr, nephew to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., would be transitioning in an orderly fashion, and that it was hoped that the Search Committee would have presidential nominees ready by the SCLC annual convention, which will take place in July. “Mr. Farris has other responsibilities right now that he will be focusing on,” relayed Chairman LaFayette, Jr. “I want to honor the contribution he has made to the SCLC. He gave the best leadership that he could give and he gave all that he could give. After SCLC lost Dr. Creecy, Mr. Farris maintained this organization. He has made a tremendous contribution to SCLC and we respect him for that. And it’s not over yet. At some later time, Mr. Farris may take on another role with SCLC. This is not the end, nor is this a separation. He shares our vision and our mission.” Chairman LaFayette said, “We are moving forward with young leadership. We are laying a good foundation for them and we are in good shape.”

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