SCCPSS Virtual Learning K-5 Twilight Program To Assist Families With Scheduling Difficulties

SCCPSS will offer a virtual learning TWILIGHT program for students in Grades K through 5. This additional option is being offered to help accommodate the scheduling needs of our families, as well as students in need of additional support. Live class sessions for the virtual learning TWILIGHT option will occur Monday-Friday from 4:30 pm-7:30 pm. All curriculum taught is aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence based on grade level. Students will receive instruction in all content areas to include English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Health and P.E.

Students who choose to sign up for the program will be dual-enrolled in their assigned home schools and in a virtual TWILIGHT option. Students may also elect to participate only in the TWILIGHT option. However, your child may not be taught by a teacher from your home school during the TWILIGHT virtual learning session. The same instructional resources used during the day will be used for the TWILIGHT option. When the virtual learning period ends, students may transition back to their home schools for faceto face instruction or elect to stay with the TWILIGHT Virtual Learning Program.

Up to 30 minutes of independent work will be assigned and can be completed prior to the TWILIGHT instructional sessions.


Or use the QR Code:

The application is available until Midnight on September 8th. Parents will be notified of acceptance. The Virtual K5 TWILIGHT Program will begin on September 21st.

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