Savannah’s Water Systems Receive Excellent Report Cards

The City of Savannah Water Systems 2012 Consumer Confidence Reports are now available at all Chatham County Public Libraries or by visiting and typing “Water Quality Reports” in the Search Bar. A copy of the report was sent to every City of Savannah water customer this summer.

Every year the City is required to prepare Consumer Confidence Reports for each of its water systems summarizing to the public the results of tests that measure the amount of certain substances in the water to ensure that the system meets Environmental Protection Agency standards. In 2012, the City of Savannah Water Laboratory performed more than 132,000 tests to ensure water quality. Those tests showed the City met all standards and received excellent report cards for each of its eight water systems.

A survey by the American Water Works Association found that Savannah has the lowest combined water and sewer rate in Georgia, and the fourth lowest of 70 water systems surveyed in the Southeast United States.

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