Savannah’s Initiative to Fight Child Sex Trafficking

Police Officers in Training
Police Officers in Training

The Georgia Attorney General Sam Olen and Mayor Edna Jackson are collaborating to fight ‘Child Sex Trafficking. All law enforcement within Chatham County are being trained and certified by the State Chief Prosecutors office this week.

On Monday, October 26, 2015, there will be an education/training event on ‘Child Sex Trafficking’ to be held at the Savannah Civic Center. This event will be hosted by The City of Savannah and Mayor Edna Jackson. Georgia’s Attorney General Sam Olen will participate. Mayor Jackson will be inviting a cross-section of the community to bring together and educate people who are likely to come in contact with victims, or who could observe questionable activities and report it, or could be in a position to influence prevention education. Presently • 300,000 American children are enslaved for the ‘Child Sex Trafficking’ business every year; the average age is 12 years old. • These children immediately become part of the criminal underground.

•When Law Enforcement is able to rescue any of these victims, they must be treated for severe after-effects including injuries sustained during rapes and beatings, untreated reproductive health problems,

Venereal Diseases, Malnutrition, and Substance Abuse.

The biggest impact on eradicating child sex trafficking is providing prevention education for the children. Unlike what many people may believe, only 1%-3% of minor victims are abducted, 30% are sold or bartered by relatives, while 67% are deceived or lured into being victims.

This is a typical Victim Profiles

•67% have a history in the child welfare system.

•90% reported a history of Child Abuse.

•96% reported being a run away

•75% reported being under the control of a pimp

Trafficking is the 3RD LARGEST illegal business in the world. It is a multi Trillion dollar business. It is as REAL IN SAVANNAH as illegal drugs and guns.

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