Savannah Youth Empowerment Program To Be Held

Semaj Clark
Semaj Clark

On Monday, June 27, 2016, Semaj Clark, a TEDxSavannah speaker, will host a Savannah youth led event along with his organization, FIRE. Clark will be speaking to the youth about what is needed to be successful and how to come together to prevent and stop crime. The discussion will take place at First African Baptist Church (23 Montgomery St., Savannah, Ga) at 6:30 p.m.

FIRE is a program that helps at-risk youth transform their lives by giving them opportunities and resources. We will reach out to system-involved youths who have been traumatized by various events in their lives. We will work to improve the emotional health of each participant and give him or her the tools to excel academically and in life. The core themes of FIRE are: Forgiveness, Introspection, Respect and Education. Our motto is “We will not run from the fire, we will run to it.”

The fire is a metaphor for problems. Instead of running away from the problems that exist in our communities, we want to run to them. By being proactive, we can solve some of the problems that exist in our communities. Program Founder, Semaj Clark, was shot and paralyzed in Savannah, GA in 2015. After spending time in rehabilitation in Atlanta he returned to Savannah (the fire) to help the city resolve some of its issues.

This program consists of a series of workshops that focus on youth empowerment. From these workshops, we would like participants to reflect on their past, present, and future.

The program will empower youth by teaching the following: Conflict Resolution Skills, Life Management Skills, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence

If we achieve our objectives, we will make our communities safer and healthier for everyone.

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