Savannah Voters Remove Inventory Tax

Voters in Savannah decided to remove the Inventory Tax on manufactured goods by voting “Yes” on three (3) referendum questions on May 20th. The “Yes” vote authorized the City to discontinue the tax on: (1) goods that are in the process of manufacture; (2) the inventory of finished goods: and (3) goods that are stored on January 1 of a calendar year.

The campaign to eliminate the tax was led by Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson. She was joined in the campaign by Seacrest Partners President David Patterson, Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce President Bill Hubbard, and Carver State Bank President Robert E. James. James is also Chairman of the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA).

During the campaign, Mayor Jackson said that Savannah is the only city its size with the inventory tax, and the community loses jobs to other markets because of it. Savannah competes for businesses with cities in the southeast like Jacksonville, Charleston, Atlanta, Augusta, Macon and Columbus, and none of these cities have this tax. In fact, none of the cities in the States that border Georgia have this type of tax.

An overwhelming majority of Tribune readers voted in favor of removing the tax.

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