Savannah State President Gives Final Words At Graduation

Dr. Dozier delivers commencement address. Photo: Litus Marshall
Dr. Dozier delivers commencement address. Photo: Litus Marshall

Savannah State University held its commencement ceremonies last Saturday, May 11. During the ceremonies University President Cheryl Dozier said her final words to students.

Dozier is retiring after 8 years of leading Savannah State University.

“What’s exciting is that I’ve had the opportunity to welcome almost all of you here because you all started after I did, except for a few,” said Dozier.

She handed out diplomas, and awarded students with honors such as the annual presidents second mile award. Dozier, with an added duty, also served as the commencement speaker for the ceremony.

She left her student with some final, parting words as they continue into the future.

“I am impressed with the character that you possess and that you exemplify,” said Dozier. “I want to remind you as you move into your career that I don’t want you to ever compromise your character.”

There was also a somber moment during the ceremonies.

Dozier and the Savannah State community recognized 24-year-old student Marcus Drummer, who was shot and killed at Savannah’s Edgewater Trace Apartments in February.

His mother tearfully hugged Dozier as she accepted his diploma.

He was majoring in Interdisciplinary studies.

Students who overcame hardships were also honored such as Mary Brownlee-Tutt who graduated 32 years after a horrific car accident put her degree on hold, was also awarded a degree during the ceremonies.

The seniors of Savannah State also gave Dozier a parting gift: a signed photo of Hill Hall.

Dozier will officially retire on June 30.

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