Savannah Repertory Theatre Recognizes Local Luminaries

Molly Lieberman, Daslin Garçon, Jennifer Bishop
Molly Lieberman, Daslin Garçon, Jennifer Bishop

The Savannah Repertory Theatre is a Federal 501c3 non-profit professional theatre company celebrating local luminaries such as: Ms. Molly Lieberman, Dr. Alejandro Gallard and Mr. Chris Casebeer in appreciation of their generous contributions to the arts.

Last Saturday, September 1st, the theatre hosted a short naming ceremony and toasting celebration with a theme of “Take a Bow and Take a Seat”. This celebration entailed placing permanent placards on theater chairs in honor of our three special guests. Additionally, this family friendly celebration featured special Shirley-Temple-style cocktails named after some of the theatre’s most pivotal supporters in the Savannah Community: Mrs. Elaine O’Toole, Mr. Tommy Nickoloff,

Mrs. Sandra Karas, Mrs. Jinhi Soucy Rand, Mr. Gary Shelby and Mr. Travis Coles.

As Savannah’s first and only professional non-profit theatre company, we rely on the public to fund our productions. Through ad revenue, sponsorships, and ticket sales, we are able to continue inviting our community to experience stories coming to life. we celebrate our sponsors and encourage our community to offer their patronage to arts-supporting community businesses.

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