Savannah Philharmonic to Present Beethoven’s 1st and 9th Symphonies


The composer of Symphony Fantastique, Hector Berlioz, had the following to say about the 9th Symphony of Beethoven: ” A small number of musicians who are temperamentally inclined to examine carefully anything that might enlarge the realm of art, and who have thought deeply about the general layout of the Choral symphony after studying the score and listening to it attentively on several occasions, assert that this work seems to them the most magnificent expression of Beethoven’s genius: we believe we have said at some earlier point that this is the opinion we share.”

This “most magnificent expression of Beethoven’s genius”, I am delighted to say, will be performed by the Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus this month on Saturday the 17th at 8pm at the Lucas Theatre.

The Ode to Joy from the 9th is said to be the most well known melody in classical music. It’s safe to say that it has reached a place in history which Beethoven himself envisaged. day of study a little bit of light shines into this dark mystery which has plagued many before me.

The first and ninth symphonies represents a cornerstone not only in Beethoven’s life, but in the orchestral repertoire, and both were a leading light to so many composers and musicians.

We too hope that the Savannah Philharmonic will continue to bring a shine to the cultural life in Savannah.

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