Savannah Native Pens New Children’s Book

Vele Keyta Y. Redding
Vele Keyta Y. Redding

Savannah native Vele Keyta Y. Redding, an Atlanta area author and entrepreneur, has penned her first children’s book whose central character transforms and beautifies the earth with wishes granted by a magic rainbow.

Mingo Mango The Flamingo & The Magic & The Magic Rainbow is a cheerful ful and endearing tale in which Mingo Mango — during a playful, puddle romping frolic in the rain — encounters a magic, wish-granting rainbow. He uses his four, colorful wishes to transform the environment, creating a beautiful scene that leaves him in awe of nature.

Redding is planning a number of Story Hour activity sessions at Savannah schools, where she will read her book to students in pre-K to first grade. The book is being distributed throughout the United States, Europe and Canada and is available through

Redding is a gifted storyteller, who melds the magic of imagination and wonder of words together to bring joy, laughter, awe and discovery to the hearts and minds of young readers. A professional journalist, author, content creator and media dynamo, she brings to life and her work messages of momentum, catapulting those around her to cast their nets wider and fly their kites higher.

With nearly one million words in print on a plethora of subjects — including her first book titled Never

Surrender — Redding’s work is published in professional publications both domestically and abroad.

This is the first of several children’s books she plans to publish. School administrators, teachers, church leaders and youth center recreation directors, who would like to have Redding visit their Savannah facilities as a guest, can email the author at MingoMango-

Redding lives in McDonough, a suburb of Atlanta, with her husband, son and rambunctious Shih Tzu.

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