Savannah Native Inventor, Larry B. Carswell Wins International Grand Prix Award

Chairman of International Jury Andrej Skrinjar, Inventor Larry B. Carswell, Director of INPEX Nicole Lininger and Chairman of International Jury Howard Lim
Chairman of International Jury Andrej Skrinjar, Inventor Larry B. Carswell, Director of INPEX Nicole Lininger and Chairman of International Jury Howard Lim

Invent Help’s INPEX, America’s Largest Invention Show, presented MUDDER™, invented by Savannah, GA native, Larry B. Carswell, with the International Grand Prix Award 2016 at the closing awards ceremony of its 31st annual show on June 9th in Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania. Mr. Carswell and his invention Mudder were declared Inventor and Invention of the Year at the INPEX awards ceremony. Mr. Carswell came to INPEX 2016 to showcase Mudder in hopes of obtaining a licensing partner and meeting the keynote speaker, George Foreman. Mr. Carswell not only met entrepreneur and former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, George Foreman, but he won the overall top prize of International Grand Prix Award 2016 and a $7500 cash prize. He also won first place gold medals for Innovative Excellence in the categories of Design (Technical), Engineering, Specialized Technology, and Recreation. Mr. Carswell also received interest from several big companies including licensing deals. Although no decision has been made, Mr. Carswell is very excited about the future of his new invention.

Gold medals were presented in over 45 new product categories including science, construction, environmental, design (technical), engineering, specialized technology, and recreation. Each invention was judged by an independent international jury committee to determine the winner of the International Grand Prix Award 2016. In addition to Mudder, two other cash prizes and runner-up awards were given. Mr. Carswell describes Mudder as a very unique and one-of-a-kind winch designed to make cable winches obsolete by eliminating the need for a cable. Mudder’s self-contained winching system can free a stuck ATV/UTV without any assistance. The ATV rider simply pushes a button; yes it is that easy! This revolutionary winch is easy to install on any ATV without any changes to the current wiring systems being used today.

Mudder’s winch is also battery operated so the ATV does not have to be running or operational at the time Mudder is used. Mudder can be operated by either a hand-held control or a remote control, which means one can walk ahead of the ATV and it will follow them, or they can sit on the ATV and let Mudder pull their ATV with them on it. Mr. Carswell first came up with the idea of Mudder in 2013 when his two sons were stuck in mud in what was supposed to be a dry lake bed. “When my panic-stricken wife began screaming that our sons (ages 4 and 6) were stuck knee-deep in mud, I raced to get them on my ATV. My good friend and I were able to rescue the boys, but in doing so, my ATV was then stuck in the mud. It was nearly impossible for me to free my ATV from the mud because there were no trees or fixed objects to attach the cable on my winch to. At that the time I needed it most, my cable winch was useless. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way. Mudder was created in my mind at that moment and I began building it the very next day. Thanks to two little boys, the world’s first cable-free ATV/UTV paddle winch was invented.” Mudder is coming soon! Contact your local ATV dealer. Mr. Carswell can be reached by email at INPEX is a unique trade show that showcases new products and innovations that are available to business and industry to manufacture, license or distribute, while bringing business representatives and inventors together in one convenient forum. The show is a service of InventHelp®, one of America’s leading inventors service companies. For more information about INPEX, call 888-54-INPEX or visit

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