Savannah Native Honored By Black Women Film Network

Stacy Quarterman.
Stacy Quarterman.

The Black Women Film Network held their annual holiday party at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta on December 8, where over 500 film and television professionals convened to toast a year of excellence in Georgia’s production industry. The event recognized the work of several industry talent who were involved in hit movies and television shows filmed in Georgia.

Among those recognized was Savannah na- tive Stacy Quarterman.

Quarterman was honored for his role as a Band/Music Coordinator for the“Bounce Trumpet Awards” which aired earlier this year on Bounce TV.

“As a music coordinator, your primary responsibilities revolve around selecting a soundtrack or set-list that best matches the intended audience,” states Quarterman. “Depending on the production, your routine might comprise obtaining pertinent music, obtaining the rights to songs, and hiring composers to write original music for the soundtrack, all while bond a strict budget. Particularly in smaller jobs, you may also coordinate rehearses with your musicians or vocalists,” he went on to add.

In the film industry, Quarterman said that your job may stretch from late pre-production to release, but you will complete most of your work after the filming is complete, during the sound editing process. “While film and television might be the most dazzling roles, you can find positions with students or street musician.”

Quarterman is an alumnus of A.E. Beach High School and the University of Miami.

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