Savannah Multicultural Chamber Hosts Black Tie Event to Celebrate and Honor Local Black Businesses

It has been reported that a dollar circulates every 6 hours in the Black community. This means every 18 hours Blacks tend to buy products and services outside of their community. This has a significantly negative impact on wealth building in the Black community and makes it difficult for Black business owners to serve the Black community efficiently, effectively, and economically. Black businesses must work much harder to make one dollar. The new Board of Directors for Savannah Multicultural Chamber of Commerce (SMCC) recognizes the plight of Black businesses in Savannah and is engaged in ongoing research and efforts to educate the Black community; encouraging community members to value the benefits of supporting one another. SMCC offers informative workshops designed to help our community members go beyond surviving to thriving economically, academically, and in the workplace. Additionally, our regularly scheduled Mixers provide networking opportunities for Black Businesses. Members of the Chamber also receive monthly newsletters that both inspire and inform.

On August 17, 2019 the Savannah Multicultural Chamber of Commerce will host a Celebration of Savannah Black Businesses. The theme is ‘Honoring the Past, Looking

Forward to the Future’. Local Black Businesses will be recognized and honored. SMCC also recognizes the value of accurate current information and will share the State of Black Business in Savannah during the Celebration. This free event is by invitation only. Interested business owners and their guests may contact Roy Maynard at 912-660-7584 for additional information or email the Chamber at

SMCC appreciates the hard, often un-celebrated, contributions of Black Businesses to the Savannah Community. Additionally, we recognize the need to honor the trailblazers who have struggled to create and maintain a strong community of Black Businesses in our city. This year the SMCC is collaborating with Ms. Estelle Manion to build upon a tradition she began in 2003 with The Spirit of Excellence Awards that honored local Black Business owners and entrepreneurs. We appreciate your support of the Black Business Community of Savannah.

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