Savannah Market Bazaar launches the Vendor of the Month campaign

The Savannah Market Bazaar is pleased to launch the Vendor of the Month campaign. On Saturday, January 10th, 2009 the Market Bazaar will feature Tybee artist, Hadley Kelly. Hadley is a nationally recognized ceramic artist. An award winning graduate from the Herron School of Art, she has had numerous appearances on NPR’s “Art of the Matter” and CBS’s “Women in Art.” Her work is well known in art shops across the country. Come see her animal sculptures, garden art and enter a free raffle to win one of her creations at the January 10th Market Bazaar!

The Savannah Market Bazaar has grown to include an array of vendors, selling art, antiques, furniture, jewelry, glassware, CDs, vintage clothes, handbags, games and collectibles. The Market Bazaar has a “handmade in Savannah” section – dedicated to showing local artists wares for shoppers who are interested in one-of-a-kind creations!

Now in full swing, the Market takes place on the second Saturday of every month on the top 2 floors of the Robinson Parking Garage, located at the intersection of York & Montgomery Streets (directly across from the Court House). This new venue provides an excellent space for vendors to sell their wares. The garage also serves as an excellent space for interested locals and tourists who are out looking for something fun and unique. The garage offers free parking and the market will be located on the top floor on sunny days and the 4th floor in case of inclement weather.

“We have a handful of local celebrity vendors, like Elizabeth Seeger, owner of Satchel on Broughton and Ralph Douglas Jones, otherwise known as the fishman on Tybee, said co-owner Jacob Hodesh.”

You too can enjoy a Saturday morning at the Market. Join us on January 10th for the next Market Bazaar at the Robinson Garage.

To learn more about the Savannah Market Bazaar visit www.newmoonofsavannah. com and/or call Miriam at 912.335.7098.

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