Savannah Interagency Diversity Council

(L-R) William Gettis, Valerie Ragland, Jennie Lamb and Matthew Hall
(L-R) William Gettis, Valerie Ragland, Jennie Lamb and Matthew Hall

The Savannah Interagency Diversity Council (SIDC) might be considered one of Savannah/Chatham County’s young, fledgling organizations comprised of representatives from various federal agencies and organizations. The SIDC seeks to promote a multiplicity of values, beliefs, interests, experiences, similarities, and intellectual and cultural initiatives to help build strong individuals, families and communities.

Primarily, the SIDC seeks to create and plan strategies that will encourage an understanding of race, color, religion, sex or gender, national origin, age, disability and genetic information in the local community and across the nation; also to develop initiatives to increase awareness of diversity within the Federal government, within agencies, employment opportunities and levels of responsibility It also works to develop programs and events to encourage inclusion and increase diversity in the local community that will strive to promote a better understanding of cultures, races, genders and individuals with disabilities.

Lastly, the SIDC seeks to provide opportunities, via academia, for students to express their viewpoints and offer suggestions and solutions that will help encourage an understanding of diversity, inclusion and the need to build strong relationships among different cultures.

The SIDC has successfully made presentations at several of the area high schools during the 2014 calendar year. We are encouraged that we will reach out to even more students during 2015. We are focused and determined to educate our community, and beyond, about the importance of diversity and inclusion of all persons.

The Savannah Interagency Diversity Council meets monthly on the last Thursday of each month except where national holidays are observed. For more information about the organization, contact Bill Gettis at 912.650.6554.

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