Savannah Inner City Aglow Community Monthly Fellowship

Mary C. Williams
Mary C. Williams

Aglow International’s Savannah Inner City Aglow Community Lighthouse will host their monthly fellowship on Thursday, April 17, 2014. This event wil be held at the The Garden of Eden Restaurant. Lunch will start at 11:30 a.m. The cost is $8.50 – to include choice of soft drink or tea. The Lighthouse Fellowship meeting will start promptly at 12:30 pm. Huxsie Scott will be the Worship Leader. Our guest speaker for the event will be Mary C. Williams.

Mary Williams is an ordained Minister, serving as President of the Savannah Inner City Aglow Community Lighthouse. She received her ordination from Faith Harvest School of Ministry in Savannah, Georgia (2013). Affiliated with Aglow since the 1980’s, she served as Recording Secretary on the Savannah Night Aglow and the South Georgia Area Aglow Boards.

Come, bring a friend and hear Mary’s testimony of how God used the storms of life to work for her good and His Call. You will be encouraged and learn of God’s love, mercy and plans for your life. This is an appointed time of The Lord that you do not want to miss. We look forward to seeing you.

For additional information, please contact one of the following: Mary C. Williams, President: (912) 354-2010; Karen Brinson, V.P. of Outreach: (912) 964-5244; Deborius Greene, V.P. of Public Relations: 1(917) 885-6188; or to learn more about Aglow Ministries:

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