Savannah Fire Wreath Reminds The Community To Practice Holiday Fire Safety


Savannah Fire wants every family to have a fire-free 2018 holiday season. During the 2017 holiday season there were 23 structure fires in Savannah, which resulted in one death, two temporary business closures and more than a dozen people displaced from five residences. That was an 18% decrease from 2016. By practicing simple fire safety steps, we can further reduce the number of holiday structure fires in 2018. Savannah Fire is releasing fire safety tips throughout the 2018 holiday season and hanging a fire safety wreath outside Savannah Fire headquarters at 121 E. Oglethorpe Ave.

The wreath is decorated with green bulbs representing the department’s goal of zero fires between November 19, 2018 and January 2, 2019. Each time a fire occurs a green bulb will be replaced with a red bulb. The wreath serves as a reminder to be fire safe. The public is invited to follow the fire safety tips and help keep the wreath green. For fire prevention tips and information throughout the holiday season visit Savannah Fire on Facebook, on Twitter@savannahfire, and online at For a free smoke alarm, holiday fire safety talk or home fire safety survey, homeowners should call 912-651-6756.

Savannah Fire personnel are available for interviews about holiday fire safety and the Keep the Wreath Green Initiative.

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