Savannah Filmmakers Win Big at Africa Movie Academy Awards

Miller Bargeron, Jr. accepts the award for “Stubborn as a Mule”
Miller Bargeron, Jr. accepts the award for “Stubborn as a Mule”

Stubborn As A Mule!” won a 2011 Africa Movie Academy Award (AMAA) for the Best Diaspora Documentary. The Africa Movie Academy Awards are highly regarded as the African Oscars.

The star-studded awards ceremony was held at the Gloryland Cultural Centre, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria on Sunday, March 27, 2011. The 2011 AMAA’s hosted filmmakers from throughout the continent of Africa and around the world. The event was broad casted live throughout the entire continent. The official website for the Africa Movie Academy Awards is

Stubborn As A Mule!” was directed and produced by Savannah natives, Miller Bargeron, Jr. (Director/Producer), Arcelious J. Daniels (Director/Producer), and Albert A. George (Producer). Miller traveled to Nigeria to represent the production team of “Stubborn As A Mule!” at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Miller stated, “The welcoming response that “Stubborn As A Mule!” received in Nigeria was phenomenal. I met filmmakers from South Africa, Gambia, Congo, Nigeria, and other countries in Africa. They were all extremely interested in the history of blacks in America.”

Stubborn As A Mule!” is an eye opening depiction of lesser known historical facts and contemporary commentary regarding the call for reparations for African-Americans. In the process of discussing Reparations, the film disseminates a lot of black history that is not taught in most educational systems around the country.Stubborn As A Mule!” features such intellectual luminaries as Dr. Cornel West (Princeton University) and Dr. Na’im Akbar (Florida State University).

Dr. West stated, Stubborn As A Mule!” is a creative and courageous film I am proud to be a part of!”

Since the films completion in 2010,Stubborn As A Mule!” has been screened at several film festivals including the 2010 Black International Film Festival (United Kingdom), 2010 Accolade Competition (LaJolla, CA), 2010 Portland African American Film Festival (Portland, OR), 2010 African Diaspora International Film Festival (New York, NY), 2011 San Diego Black Film Festival (San Diego, CA), and 2011 Pan African Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA). In the process of making its film festival run, Stubborn As A Mule!” has won several awards including the 2010 Best International Film (Black International Film Festival), 2010 Award of Merit (Accolade Competition), and the 2010 Directors Choice Award (Portland African American Film Festival).

Stubborn As A Mule!” is available at,,, and several other online retailers.

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