Savannah Economic Development Authority Announces New Members


The SEDA Board of Directors have welcomed new members Terry Coleman of Kern Coleman, Steve Green of Stephen Green Properties, Cathy Hill of Georgia Power Company, and W. Brooks Stillwell of Hunter Maclean.

Tommy Hester of The Coastal Bank, David Paddison of Seacrest Partners and Bert Tenenbaum of Chatham Steel were re-appointed.

The SEDA Board of Directors consists of 19 voting members with onethird appointed by the City, one-third by the County and one-third by the SEDA Board of Directors.

2009 SEDA Board of Directors are Brian Foster, Chairman, Tommy Hester, Vice Chairman, David Paddison, Secretary, Treasurer Richard Barrow, Shevon Carr, Walter Carson, Jr. Scott Center Terry Coleman, Walter O. Evans, Stephen S. Green, Cathy Hill, Kevin Jackson, Robert E. James, Eli P. Karatassos, John H. McCleskey, J. Clifford McCurry, W. Brooks Stillwell, III, Bert Tenenbaum, and Cora Bett Thomas.

The Savannah Economic Development Authority works to improve the standard of living for all citizens of Chatham County by stimulating the economy through the attraction of new investment, the creation of jobs and the support of established businesses in the area.

SEDA provides professional site services and eases access to state and local resources.

The organization, twice ranked as one of the best development groups in the country, has a clear record of success.

Among SEDA’s major accomplishments is the nationally acclaimed Crossroads

Business Park, home

to more than five million sq. ft. of industrial space, headquarters operations, and educational institutions.

An independently funded organization, SEDA can act in the best interests of both the client and the community without the hindrances often associated with publiclyfunded operations.

Savannah/Chatham County residents and government alike, have helped SEDA’s mission with its strong commitment to remaining a vibrant, world-class community.

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