Savannah Council On World Affairs Screens Human Trafficking Documentary

The Savannah Council on World Affairs has partnered with local Human Trafficking Awareness organizations to host a screening of Not My Life, a documentary on human trafficking written, directed and produced by Academy Award nominee Robert Bilheimer. Not My Life is the first film comprehensively to depict the cruel and dehumanizing practices of global human trafficking and modern slavery. The screening is part of a nationwide program sponsored by the World Affairs Councils of America and made possible by a grant from Carlson & The Carlson Family Foundation.

Speaking for many of the courageous and compassionate individuals around the world fighting this modern plague, Bilheimer recently stated that “it is difficult to imagine anything more evil, or cruel, than this multibillion dollar industry flourishing in our midst. How we respond, as a human family, to this pervasive and ubiquitous crime is the greatest moral challenge of our time.”

Filmed on five continents, in a dozen countries, Not My Life features more than fifty interviews with trafficking victims and their advocates in government, law enforcement, civil society, and the private sector. From 10 year-old girls raped in USA truck stops or brothels in India; to street beggars in Africa; to domestic servants in Washington, D. C., Not My Life take viewers into a world that is difficult to imagine, let alone accept.

Savannah’s community is not shielded from the dark world of human trafficking activities. A pre-screening discussion presented by HSI “Operation Dark Night” agents will reveal human trafficking practices in Savannah and throughout the Southeast. After the screening, human trafficking experts will host a Question & Answer session.

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