Savannah-Chatham Public Schools End Cell Phone Ban

The school board has lifted a ban on cellphones and other electronic devices; the ban lasted five years.

The majority of the school board members supported the academic technology policy.

The members believe that electronics can be used to enhance instruction and students already bring them to school.

The new regulation allows students to bring electronic devices to school to be used for instructional purposes; however students will only be allowed to use wifi provided by the district. Ringtones, music, sound effects are prohibited from disrupting class instruction.

The policy also extends to the bus, as students are not allowed to use electronic devices.

Students can still have their electronic devices confiscated and must comply with school personnel.

The penalty for failing to comply with school personnel will be the suspension of the student’s electronic privileges for up to 30 days.

Previously, the district had a zero tolerance with electronic devices, but the need and instructional value for technology influenced the district’s change of heart.

The modification of the policy comes after the district did not want to encourage students to use electronic devices in a non-academic way, but wanted to find a way students could use their devices to add instructional value to the classroom.

One aspect of the policy is to regulate smartphones.

The decision came down after an 8 to 1 vote.

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