Savannah-Chatham County Schools Establish a New Record on AYP

Seventy-three percent, or 35 of the 49 SCCPSS schools made AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress), according to the initial release of results by the Georgia Department of Education. That is an increase of 24 points from last year. The district exceeded the state-assigned comparison group of similar districts, in which 70% of schools met the AYP criteria, and also surpassed the state’s gain of 10 points.

The percentage of elementary schools making AYP on the initial release increased by 30 points, while middle schools rose 10 points and high schools rose 14 points. Strong gains in students’ math scores were a major factor contributing to schools’ improvements in initial AYP status.

More good news– Spencer Elementary was removed from Needs Improvement status as a result of achieving AYP for two consecutive years. And while a total of five schools will be added to the Needs Improvement list, at least three schools are anticipated to be removed once the summer retest scores are amended in the fall. Currently, a total of 19% of SCCPSS schools are in Needs Improvement status, versus 22% of the comparison group and 15% statewide. Area high schools also saw marked improvements in overall test scores. The district met the GHSGT Math requirements for all subgroups, and met all remaining academic criteria in all but one subgroup. The district also achieved AYP in participation and attendance in all areas, and made sufficient gains to meet the graduation rate requirements for 3 out of 4 subgroups. The SCCPSS initial graduation rate of 70.8% reflects an increase of 7 points over last year’s final graduation rate, with even more growth projected once summer graduates are included in the amended reports.

These achievements within the Savannah- Chatham County Public School System show students and teachers are making great strides in keeping with its mission of igniting, and maintaining, a passion for learning and teaching at high levels. The results show the district is exceeding the “norm”, and is poised to set new, positive records in the future.

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