Savannah Chapters of Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. and Top Teens of America Hold Retreat

Savannah Chapter Top Teens of America
Savannah Chapter Top Teens of America

On Saturday morning, August 26, 2017, the Beach Institute African American Culture Center came alive as the members of Savannah Chapters of TLOD and TTA anxiously waited to begin our Fall Joint Planning Retreat for 2017-2018.

Under the leadership of our dynamic president, Lady Annette Mitchell, the retreat began with greetings from President Annette Mitchell and TTA President, Teen Laura Irwin. The morning’s prayer and blessing of the food were delivered by Teen DeShawn Carter.

Lady Annette Mitchell introduced the 2017-2019 officers, thrust, and project chairpersons for Top Ladies, and Teen Laura Irwin introduced the officers for Top Teens.

A delicious breakfast was served followed by a joint session with Ladies and Teens. For the second session, Teens departed with their adviser Lady Rycal Carter and co advisor, Lady Alana Dawson to discuss issues pertaining to Top Teens.

Savannah Chapter Top Ladies of Distinction
Savannah Chapter Top Ladies of Distinction

In the Ladies session, a power point presentation on the Five Thrusts and the National Projects was discussed by Lady Beverly Copeland, 1st Vice President and Lady Omie Flournoy, 2nd Vice President.

A sisterly relation activity with the Ladies was chaired by Lady Amber Hall and Lady Tahisha Wright. The final joint session concerned the duties and responsibilities of each officer in the chapter.

Following an enjoyable lunch and fellowship, the retreat was adjourned.

Lady Jacquelyne Stephens is Savannah Chapter’s organizer, Lady Annette Mitchell is the TLOD president and Teen Laura Irwin is the TTA president.

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