Savannah Bananas Clinch A Spot in the Playoffs


Monday night at Grayson Stadium, Savannah Banana players and fans celebrated a rewarding victory against the Florence Red- Wolves. Making this victory their sixth straight win, the Bananas went 7-6 in 10 innings against the Red- Wolves.

Garett Delano, a player who made the decisive victory throw in the 10th inning feels that any time they’re able to beat Florence is a great experience. This game makes for the seventh win against the Florence RedWolves in 11 meetings this season. Thankful for his team, Delano claims that even when the Bananas are down and behind, there’s no doubt that he and his team will make a comeback to remember.

Victory seemed difficult to achieve when RedWolves McLendon Sears put the hosts behind 5-2 with an outstanding hit in the eighth inning. But Delano brought the game back with a solo homer, along with the team stealing bases to get in a scoring position.

The Bananas head coach, Tyler Gillum, held faith in his team when Florence was in the lead. He encouraged his team that even when getting knocked down, get back up and throw punches. It’s great advice that continues to put the Bananas in a good situation this year. The Bananas scored six runs in the last four innings against the Red- Wolves, making a comeback and claiming their victory, making their fans and coach very proud. The Bananas have clinched a spot in the 2018 playoffs! The postseason begins at Grayson Stadium August 5th.


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