Savannah Awarded Health Planning Grant

Savannah Business Group (SBG) is one of six organizations selected from across the U.S. to receive a community planning grant from the United Health Foundation and the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH), through the Community Coalitions Health Institute, to assist Savannah in mobilizing and focusing resources to address and improve population health.

The planning grant will enable Savannah Business Group to convene stakeholders in a community summit to examine health indicators, identify a target health indicator from America’s Health Rankings for the community health intervention, conduct a community assets inventory and prepare a policy and program intervention plan, identify resources at the community level and produce a plan with specific health improvement goals and stakeholder accountability.

“We know that Savannah has health issues but we also know we have solutions. Passionate people who care about improving our community’s health is what makes the difference,” said Gary Rost, Executive Director of SBG. “It’s about working together.”

Partners involved in the health summit are the Savannah Business Group, Coastal Health District, Healthy Savannah, and Chatham County Safety Net Planning Council. The other communities awarded grants are Chicago, Indianapolis, Memphis, Rockford, Ill. and St. Louis.

The community summit is being scheduled for late July or early August of this year. Those interested in learning more should contact SBG.

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