Savannah Author Inducted Into Red Room Hall of Fame


Savannah author Aberjhani was inducted October 2009 into the Red Room Hall of Fame and named a “Red Room Founding Author” for his contributions to the literary community and modern literature in general.

Other inductees into the Red Room Hall of Fame include celebrated authors Maya Angelou and Terry McMillan; literary icon Ishmael Reed, and a number of others. President Barack H. Obama is also a member of Red Room and represented by his books Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope.

The Red Room community started out in 2002 at the famous Red Room Writing Society established in San Francisco, California, as a learning facility for aspiring authors. Since becoming a member, Aberjhani has been featured several times on the website’s front page and most recently was named one of its three featured bloggers for his essay, “A Hostess and Haven Named Paris.”

“I really felt more than honored already just to be part of a literary community that includes writers of such caliber and reputation as Maya Angelou, Jon Stewart and Salman Rushdie, not to mention our great president,” said the author. “The recognition encourages me to keep striving to produce books that hopefully contain enough substantial cultural and spiritual value that contemporary readers will not only enjoy them but pass them on to the next generation as legacies.”

induction into the Red Room Hall of Fame, the author was also named African-American Art Examiner by the Examiner News Website. For more information on Aberjhani and Red Room, visit the site at erjhani.

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