Savannah Attorney Receives State Bar Of Georgia Commitment To Equality Award

Gwendolyn S. Fortson Waring receives award
Gwendolyn S. Fortson Waring receives award

Attorney Gwendolyn S. Fortson Waring of the Waring Law Firm in Savannah was among the recipients of the 2019 Commitment to Equality Awards, presented May 23 by the State Bar of Georgia’s Committee to Promote Inclusion in the Profession.

Waring has been committed to the advancement of diversity in the legal profession from the beginning of her legal career. After graduating from Georgia State University College of Law in 1992, she has spearheaded CLE seminars that promoted the education of lawyers to problems affecting underrepresented groups, while showcasing the talents of a diverse group of lawyers throughout the state. She also led a seminar in conjunction with local Savannah criminal defense lawyers and immigration lawyers to educate the local immigrant community on what their rights are and how to protect them. In her plaintiff’s employment discrimination practice, Waring has successfully litigated disparate impact and gender discrimination cases, and she recently successfully arbitrated a finding showing that a major insurance company violated federal law by discriminating against black employees in altering the terms and conditions of a competition for a promotion.

The Commitment to Equality Awards recognize the efforts of lawyers and legal employers who are committed to providing opportunities that foster a more diverse legal profession for members of underrepresented groups in Georgia. The awards are presented to lawyers who not only personally excel in their own practices, but who have also demonstrated a commitment to promoting diversity in the legal profession.

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