Savannah 100 Sponsors Organ Donation Awareness

Each year 19,000 Americans die while awaiting organ transplants.

African-Americans constitute 35% of those awaiting kidney transplants.

In the SE of the United States, more than 70 percent of all dialysis patients are African-American.

These grim facts explain why the 100 Black Men of Savannah, in partnership with Life Link of Georgia and St. Joseph’s/Candler Health Systems will sponsor a program on Organ Donor Awareness among African- Americans on Saturday, June 20th at 10:00 a.m. at the Jepson Center of the Arts, 207 West York St., Savannah.

This innovative and informative session aims to educate the Savannah community in general and African-Americans in particular about the significant shortage of organ donors despite the high numbers of African-Americans in need of transplantation.

Presenters, including Bobby Howard of Life Link of GA and Lloyd A. Johnson of the Savannah 100, will share the facts about organ and tissue donation, inspire individuals to designate their donation decision by signing up on the Georgia Donor Registry, and share the importance of family discussion on this topic.

The 100 Black Men of Savannah aim to “think globally and act locally” by improving the quality of life in the Savannah/Chatham County community and to enhance educational and economic opportunities for all African Americans. LifeLink of Georgia is an independent, non-profit organ and tissue recovery organization dedicated to serving patients in need of transplant therapy and their families.

The Savannah 100 has a more than passing interest in organ donation.

In February, Johnson received a kidney transplant at the Mayo Clinic Hospital, Jacksonville, FL.

Another member of the Savannah 100, Gary Young, is scheduled to receive a kidney transplant at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta the day before this program.

What greater impetus can there be to attend this program – with a friend or relative.

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