Sarcoidosis Conference At Candler

A sarcoidosis conference will be held Saturday, April 8, 2017 at Candler Hospital, 5353 Reynolds St. ,Savannah, GA from 9:30am – 2:30pm.

The guest speaker will be Mrs. Dorothea Howard.

She is the President and CEO of McGuire Group, LLC, inspirational speaker, author, and award-winning television talk show host/ executive producer of the “Let’s Talk Sarcoidosis” show. Mrs. Howard was born and raised in Baltimore, MD.

To register, please contact Minister William Kirkland, Group Leader at (912) 657-9367.

6 thoughts on “Sarcoidosis Conference At Candler”

  1. hello, My name is Latifa Noussair
    I ve been effected with sarcoidosis since 2013, I am under predinose cortancy l 55 mg for one year now.

    I would like to get information out of from this conference.
    How can I,

  2. I was diagnosed in 2016 after being hospitalized twice because my liver was failing, had to have a hysterctomy, then developed eye and lung problems which led to the diagnosis. The treatment programs are all over the place and that scares me for long term care. Currently taking Remicade infusions, me and predisone did not get along. Cannot come to the conference physically any way I can get the information sent to me if I register?

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