Sammy Strode Announces Candidacy for Sixth District Alderman


Sammy Strode announced his candidacy for Alderman to represent the Sixth Aldermanic District last Monday in the parking lot of LaVida Country Club

During the press conference Strode outlined his plan to address three main concerns he has learned are most on the minds of citizens of the district after numerous meetings.

“I have established a 3 pronged outline of my campaign platform to be followed by more specifics under each area:” said Strode. He continued “Crime is the number one concern. Therefore, I have developed a three point plan to reduce crime in tangible ways instead of using excuses of why crime cannot be reduced.”

Strode went on to say “Blight was another large concern because it negatively affects property values; not only blight of private property, but also the blight of city property. I have two main strategies to address this problem head on. And finally, we need to bring new and better jobs to Savannah which will help all citizens in the sixth district. I understand this can only be accomplished by strong cooperation between the various government bodies in Chatham County, which would include the Chamber of Commerce and even the School Board.”

Strode is running to unseat Tony Thomas.

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