Safety in the Gym

Fitness health is sweeping the nation. Men, women, children and families are stepping up to change their health for the better. With all of the gyms being built due to the health era, one must also take into consideration the health risk that comes along with working out in a public facility. Studies show that over 58 million people currently have an active gym membership. Savannah, Georgia being one of the top five gym spending cities, a germ free gym is a must! Like many people going to the gym is a part of their daily routine. Working out in the gym can be very rewarding. Along with those rewards are equivalent risk. Public use facilities are one of the major carriers of germs. Before you join a gym, go check them out personally. You can never be too safe! Hundreds of bacteria make their way to your local gym every day. Don’t put yourself at risk for germs! Check out that gym for your sake!

Many germs and fungi love public places like gyms, schools, bathrooms, and more of these germs are everywhere! Staph infections, scabies and even ringworm and more; the gym can be a tainted place. Germs are all around us hiding in plain sight.

Here are some helpful tips for staying safe and germ free while working out in the gym. Inspect the gym before purchasing your membership. This will give you time to see if this gym is not only clean but the right fit for you. Keep your hands washed and cleaned at all times. Be sure to sanitize everything before you touch anything! If you would like to bring your own exercise mat, do so to decease your chances of being exposed to harmful bacteria. Bring antibacterial disinfecting wipes Be sure to wipe everything before you touch it. This method will ensure our hands stay clean and germ free! Try to limit the amount of skin to skin touching when operating the machinery. Do not share your gear, mat, or personal items! Sharing items is the quickest way to spread germs. Helpful tips like these will ensure you a safe fun filled work out!

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