Rory McIlroy Tour Championship FedX Cup


If you are a golf fan, you have seen or heard about the performances at the Tour Championship FedX Cup played in Atlanta last weekend. Although paused for a brief weather delay, due to some lighting strikes on Saturday, the tournament continued with Rory McIlroy swinging away as the winner. The huge prize money that came along with this tournament included $15 million for McIlroy and $1.5 million for his best friend and caddie, Harry Diamond, who many consider a great source of McIlroy’s success.

It was just under a year ago when Tiger Woods prevailed over McIlroy in the Tour Championship. In that tournament, emotions ran high with him. McIlroy knew he had changes to make for this tournament and that emotions could not determine his success. In a press conference, he stated “If I needed to get emotional and get really riled up, this isn’t the sport to do that. I’m not a football player. It’s golf, and you sort of need to try to be pretty even-keeled the whole way through.”

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