Road to the 2019 City Elections: Part 3

Who and What Are on the Ballot & What It Means to You and Yours?

Mayoral candidates in the upcoming City of Savannah election have been invited to present their platforms on Saturday, October 5, 2019 at the Hungry Club Forum of Savannah, Inc.’s (HCFS) monthly Signature

Roundtable Breakfast and Open Forum, to be held in the Multipurpose Room of the WBS YMCA, located at 1110 May Street, at 9:30 AM.

Savannah’s premiere community issues forum will serve up breakfast and its brand of providing a unique opportunity to gain a close-up understanding of the candidates’ platforms and profiles, as well as providing for the general community to come together to discuss issues necessary to move our community forward for the benefit of all citizens.

A diverse audience of community leaders, advocates, activists, clergy, neighborhood leaders and other elected and appointed officials will take advantage of the opportunity to hear the candidates present their platforms and views on issues facing the Savannah Area community. The Open Forum will not be a debate, and will also focus on allowing for questions and comments from the audience. A “Boots-on-the Ground” array of information and hand-outs of pertinent voting information will be made available to all in attendance.

The HCFS is a non-partisan educational, cultural enrichment and economic empowerment community issues forum. All candidates are welcome to register, present their platforms and visions for the City of Savannah, and network and fellowship with a representative number of members of the HCFS’ diverse network. For more information, call 912- 927- 8425 or 233-0855.

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