Retired but not Tired….

In 1971, Sarah Miller became the first President of Chatham Retired Educators Association( CREA). Since that time, many have gone on to serve in that position, to include Savannah-Chatham County School Board Past Presidents: Margaret Sadler, Jessie Collier De- Loach, and Hugh Golson. Virginia E. Maynor, former Superintendent, also served in that capacity. Every President has passed on the gavel while being ‘retired but not tired’; with George Mc- Donald, Doris Thomas, Carl Thompson, and Dewey Lee serving two non-consecutive terms. The torch was passed to Dr. Connie Cooper in April of 2016, the unit’s 41st President. Dr. Cooper stood tall on the shoulders of past presidents as CREA concludes its 45 years of service. CREA has spent 45 years building a legacy of service through ventures with our public and private schools, volunteering with non-profit agencies, and advocating and supporting legislative issues that have impacted the lives of students and educators of this county and state.

The Chatham Retired Educators Association( CREA) will celebrate the 45th year of its existence with an Anniversary celebration to be held on Friday, April 21,2017, at the Beach Institute Cultural Center, 502 Harris Street, Savannah, Georgia. The Theme for the occasion is “Embracing a Legacy of Fellowship, Service, and Support.” Following the Pre-Reception in the Garden at 5:00 p.m., a brief Program, Dinner, and Entertainment will follow to highlight the celebration.

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