Ressurection of Our Lord Catholic Church to Build New Edifice

Rendering of the new Ressurection of Our Lord Catholic Church
Rendering of the new Ressurection of Our Lord Catholic Church

Worshippers at Resurrection of Our Lord Church in Savannah will soon be enjoying prayer and the sacraments in a beautiful new sanctuary. Designed to replace the former Saint Anthony’s sanctuary, now bursting at the seams, the new building will be able to seat up to 500 people on special occasions due to the creative open plan and allow space for a music ministry and administrative offices for the parish, as well as rooms for ushers and brides to prepare. Placed on the highest ground on the church campus, the building faces Bay Street from a distance and gives the smaller existing buildings a new focal center. . Resurrection of Our Lord Church is a shining example of these principles. Designed by Savannah architects Gunn Meyerhoff Shay, the new sanctuary consistently adheres to the features recommended by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program, although it will not request certification. For example, the building’s roof is designed to catch rainwater and channel it through rain barrels for irrigation. The parking areas are paved in pervious stone to let excess storm water percolate into the ground rather than flood surrounding streets. The entire building has high performance spray foam insulation and a high efficiency air conditioning system, therefore eliminating energy leaks. Interior lighting utilizes new technology lamps that produce great amounts of light while generating little heat and the sanctuary is bathed in daylight from the high clerestory windows. Interior floors, cabinetry and trim made from bamboo, a rapidly renewable natural resource, give the spaces a warm distinctive look and eliminates glued down carpet that consumes much electricity to maintain and gives off unhealthy fumes. Collectively, the beautiful high ceilings in daylight, the warm natural interiors, and the quiet climate control system will work together to make Resurrection of Our Lord Church a holy place that shines as an example of environmental stewardship. The long awaited answers to the prayers of the parish have been realized at last!

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