Residents Sought for Job Skills Development Program

Tree Care Technicians to be Trained through Hands-On Jobs

Savannah Tree Foundation is “Rooting Community” with tree planting efforts across Chatham County over the next few months. The Rooting Community tree plantings are focused on under-served neighborhoods. But what makes these tree plantings different is that it will include jobs and hands-on training.

Residents in the areas around tree planting sites are encouraged to apply to serve as Tree Care Technicians. Technicians will be paid $50 a month to help Savannah Tree Foundation care for the newly planted trees, a time commitment of about 2 hours a week. Plus, Savannah Tree Foundation will provide you additional job skills training. For any technician that stays with this program for two years, Savannah Tree Foundation will help pay for further workforce training or a certification up to $250. An example of certifications that would qualify for this program would be the Georgia Certified Landscape Professional program.

Tree care performed in this role would include watering trees, weeding and mulching, learning to prune trees, learning to repair irrigation, installing protective fencing, and coordinating community projects. Candidates should be able to lift and move heavy objects, bend and stand for long periods of time, and work in inclement weather such as the cold.

Savannah Tree Foundation will consider any candidate age 15 years or older. Preference will be given to residents in the neighborhoods where trees are going to be planted and for candidates interested in a career working with trees or landscaping.

Rooting Community tree plantings are being planned for Westlake Apartments, Franklin Apartments, Kayton Homes, and Hudson Hill. Applications are available now. Applications for the Westlake Apartments positions are being considered now with the project beginning on Saturday, Nov. 10. Other neighborhood applications will be reviewed in December.

For more information or to apply, visit jobs/.

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