Regina Thomas’ Listening Tour Continues


City of Savannah Mayoral candidate Regina Thomas continues her quest for Mayor with her second of four announcement events. Scheduled for 10:30am February 16th at Mohawk Lake park this announcement comes on the heels of her visits and engagement with south side residents and neighborhood associations who welcome the expansion of the park. “When we listen to our neighbors and are good stewards of the public’s money, we make meaningful progress that benefits ALL of Savannah” says Thomas. The expansion will include a walking trail, fishing pier and many more improvements. It is said that this project is to be funded by SPLOST funding however; if the allocation doesn’t pass in the upcoming vote it is Thomas’ intent to see the expansion take place regardless.

Thomas wants to see to it that SPLOST projects are given proper oversight and are happening in the intended timeframe that’s being told to the public. “Trust is extremely important between the city’s government and the community. If there are changes then we need to be honest and open with the community about those changes.” Thomas says the Mohawk Lake project is an example of city government listening to the community and is also an opportunity to get and keep local contractors & service providers involved in the development of the city. “When we work together, we all win!”

The Thomas Campaign has two more announcements scheduled after the February 16 announcement. Those dates and times are to be determined.

To volunteer or donate to the campaign please email at or PO Box 14173 Savannah, GA 31416.

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