Reflections of the Times: The 1961 Freedom Rides

A panel discussion, “Reflections of the Times: The 1961 Freedom Rides” will be held Tuesday, April 12, 4 p.m. at the Southwest Chatham Library, 925- 8305.

The Freedom Riders of 1961 had a simple but daring plan: to board buses in small interracial groups to test and challenge segregated facilities in the South.

They endured savage beatings, humiliation, and imprisonment, but ultimately their brave actions and commitment to nonviolence changed America forever. Join our panel in a reflection of the times that will enrich your exhibit experience and put a historical perspective, not only on the history of the civil rights movement, but also the history of the United States of America.

Ms. Linda Bulloch, a retired educator and journalist whose family members were among white Southerners involved in the Civil Rights Movement of the Fifties and Sixties will be a speaker. The author of two books, she works part-time at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Dr. Emogene Middleton, a retired public school educator who served as the first secretary for Rev. Hosea Williams and Savannah Chatham County Crusade for Voters in the early 1960’s will also participate, along with Dr. J.W. Jamerson III, a local Savannah dentist and current Chairman of Ralph Mark Gilbert Georgia’s Official Civil Rights Museum here in Savannah.

This promises to be an enlightening and enriching discussion for all! This is the third installment in the Freedom Riders series, proceeded by a traveling exhibit, and a special lecture on “The Political Meaning of the Freedom Riders.”

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