Recorder’s Court to Offer Failure to Appear Amnesty

Savannah- Chatham Recorder’s Court will hold an Amnesty Program from August 3rd -September 4th, during which individuals with past-due citations that have Failure to Appear contempt fees can have those fees forgiven. Citations not requiring a court appearance must be paid in full. In cases where a court appearance is required, individuals will be rescheduled and the Court can establish a payment plan.

Citations requiring a court appearance includes, but is not limited to: no driver’s license, driving while suspended, driving on restricted license, unlawful use of license, no insurance (unable to provide proof), expired tag (unable to provide proof), speeding (35 miles or over), racing, fleeing to elude, and open container.

The amnesty program promotes lawful driving privileges, settling outstanding violations with the court, and reducing arrests due to Failure to Appear.

Citations cannot be rescheduled or paid via phone or Internet. Interested parties must visit the Savannah Chatham Recorder’s Court Cashier’s office located at 133 Montgomery St. during the amnesty period, Monday-Friday, 8:15am to 4:45pm, to pay their fines or reschedule a court appearance.

For more information, contact the Savannah Chatham Recorder’s Court (912) 652-7435.

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